Friday, August 15, 2008

and on with the story...meeting my first Gnomelfay

As I recall I was telling you about the little gray haired fellow with the wheelbarrel full of stones....and how embarrassed I was when I tripped over it that particular day. When the chuckling finally stopped and my face had turned back to a more natural color, the little fellow rather cautiously stepped from behind the hosta.
He tilted his head to one side as if he were sizing me up and then he quickly walked right up beside me!
The top of his pointy hat loomed a bit ominously above my forehead and he stared me straight in the eyes with a now menacing expression. ( Of course you should keep in mind...I was still sprawledout on the path at this point, and the only thing about me that was upright was my head and shoulders!)
In reality he was probably only about a foot and a half tall if that much. I'm sure he realized at that point that it was not " I " that was any kind of threat in the situation. His eyes checked me over from head to toe and then instantly his expression changed from one of sterness to one of the kindest smiles I'd ever seen. There was definately nothing ominous about this little fellow after all! Not even the point on the tip of his hat!

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