Friday, August 15, 2008

History of The Gnomelfays

In the Sanctuary Garden of Dreams here in the land of Thornwood stands a mighty oak tree. It was near the base of the massive trunk that a whole new race of very special " Gnomes" were discovered in the year 2007.

Contrary to popular legends ( which will ALWAYS tell you...Gnomes do NOT intermingle with other species, the females in particular wear very drab dark clothing and mostly hide underground, while the male of the species do minimal garden chores and appear during daylight as statues in our world)...have I got a surprise for you!

This particular species HAVE intermingled with fairies and elves, pixies and trolls for years, and it wasn't until early in the spring of 2007 that they began showing themselves and openly entering into the garden. So trust me when I tell you...even the regular Gnomes aren't hiding underground anymore, at least NOT HERE!
They call themselves The Gnomelfays...?? Weird you think? Perhaps, but it just about covers all their ancestrial lineage in one word.

( oh and by the way I was quickly set strait on the pronunciation of it-- so you may as well know from the beginning it's pronounced....NO_MELF_AYE.. not quite as difficult as it looks now is it? )

Well.....I say it's about time those poor little female gnomes were allowed out of their dark homes and into the daylight! In my humble opinion...they were WAY overdue for a change of venue in their lifestyles! I'm not really into women's lib and all of that, but really now....enough is enough don't you think??

Honestly, I just don't know how they took it all those years, the females that is, staying hidden beneath ground all the time while the males of the species snuck out at night and roamed the world, playing in all the gardens! Planting and enjoying all the wonderous sights and smells above ground!

So now that it's been a little over a year I have made friends with most all of them that enter through my Garden of Dreams. I must admit I am totally amazed at their quest for knowledge and their enthusiasm and zest for life.

At first it was quite by accident that I even met them, but now I meet newcomers all the time.
They are quite an adventurous group of little characters...and I truly love knowing them.

So stick around and I'll introduce you to a few of them...and their adventures! I should warn you ahead however..they ususally insist on a formal introduction when meeting other humans....

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