Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Like old friends

I can't begin to describe to you the warmth that flooded my body when this little fellow smiled. It was as if he were a part of me. A part that I knew to the very core, a part that had always been deep inside of me and now had finally taken an identity of it's own.

This strange but humorous little character before me, grinned as he picked up the stones I'd knocked out of his little cart.

He spoke in a deep base tone as he called me by name. Startled by this, I wondered what else would catch me off guard with the wee being as he tipped his hat and bending over ever so politely introduced himself as Grayston. Obviously he was not at all surprised at my presence,... not nearly as surprised as I was at his!
( It seems our mutual friend, King Wolubnauv had already mentioned my " daily visits" into the Garden of Dreams)


a painter said...

Nice to find your blog! I do love "the little people" as my great grandmother called them. One of my aunts painted pixies and elves all her life and told us many tales about them. Love this Grayston!

Cam said...

Thank you, sorry I haven't updated the " little people" for a few months...they have just kept me waaaaaaayyyy too busy !