Friday, January 23, 2009

constructing the new entryway

As Grayston described his current task at hand and the beautiful entry gateway under construction, naturally I just had to interrupt and ask..."So just how many doorways are there... and what's so special about this one anyhow?" Talk about your blank stare....sheeeesh! Grayston looked at me in total disbelief. " what's so special?? ...WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ??" he almost yelled back the question to me.

Once more I watched as he tilted that pointy red hat sideways and putting his little finger on his cheek he smiled at me. " Oh, I forget... your human aren't you? Well...let me explain if you will."
and with that Grayston began with my first history lesson about the Kingdom in general, the Garden of Dreams, the garden doorways and last, but not least... the Gnomes.

The kingdom of course was ruled by King Wolubnauv. ( that much I already knew as our friendship had endured many years ). We had been great friends since childhood and shared many great adventures and conceptual ideas in our past. But I listened intently as Grayston named the protocol of the Kings Court along with a basic who and why for each.

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