Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting to know Grayston

My curiosity got the better of me by this time so Grayston explained to me the reason for the pointy red hat, he was a Gnome of course. A GNOME?? How silly of me not to realize that at first. Perhaps I had just been caught off guard and wasn't thinking clearly. It was quite obvious he was definitely a Gnome all right and once I caught hold of my senses and looked I could see that.

But just what exactly IS a Gnome anyhow if not a simple garden statue? I was quite confused at this point. I had seen Gnomes in gardens for as long as I could remember. In fact...I thought they were pretty tacky looking! Sure never thought I'd ever want those ugly little things in MY garden! The paint jobs were shabby and the sculptures themselves were often plaster with chips and nics all over. could they possibly enhance beautiful flowers?? And yet here I found myself with a variety of them scattered throughout the inside of my house. Mostly because a few of them resembled elfs, and I did like elfs...and then you know how one thing always leads to another. Get an elf, someone else gives you a gift to add to your collection and suddenly you realize it's not another elf, but a Gnome instead. So slowly you end up with a collection of the very things you thought you'd never have. Can't get rid of em cause they were what else can you do but scatter them about in your garden afterall.

And then I began to notice that the majority of them were all MALES! Have you ever stopped to wonder why nine times out of ten it's the male of the species we see in the gardens ? Used to make me really wonder about the females. Did they not know how to garden?? Were they not interested in flowers and such ??Were they painfully shy?? Were there only a handful of females and dozens of males? Just what was it with them anyhow? I didn't know, ..but being of a very curious nature, I decided to do some investigating a while back and find the answer.
I hope you don't mind if I speak frankly, I pretty much write the way I talk. May not be perfect or proper English, but it's me....

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