Friday, January 23, 2009

So anyhow the whole idea of an actual doorway that LOOKED like a doorway with names and such really intrigued me. Grayston went on to explain that this doorway was very near and dear to his heart as it was from a portion of his own ancestral lines. He also told me there were hundreds of mini kingdoms far beneath the roots of the old oak. BUT...they could enter the Garden of Dreams ONLY if and when their individual kingdom had been acknowledged by Wol. In doing so, the King would have a special doorway constructed and hold an elaborate celebration just inside the doorway. As each inhabitant of that kingdom stepped beyond the threshold and entered the Kings Garden of Dreams they would be formally introduced as one of his loyal subjects. From that point on, they could freely roam about from kingdom to kingdom with his blessings.

The Gnomes that I had come to recognize in my own "human" garden were made of ceramics or resin, whereas the ones accumulating inside the house were made of clay or paper. That is a fact as I made most of them myself from ceramic greenware or various mediums in my art studio a few years ago. ( After the initial " gifts" began to accumulate.) I sculpted, cleaned, sanded, had them fired and then painted them as I wanted. That is a fact. That doesn't mean they aren't real, just that we as humans see only what we expect to see in general. A Fact I suppose,... everything is based on facts with us. The basic history of Gnomes as legends go, and most legends tend to be fiction rather than fact, but they tell that Gnomes live below ground and mostly come out only at night. So that sort of explains why we as humans see just statues around in the daylight. There's your "fact" again, maybe they have a sort of invisible aura we can't see?


Pattee said...

CAm I love your door and the way you look at life...
Keep me updated on every new piece you do!

Cam said...

thanks do realize you've been a big inspiration to me since the beginning! Artistic's what makes life beautiful!