Friday, January 23, 2009

female Gnomes??

So I spent several months doing research and this is pretty much what I learned. Statues or real wee folk....folklore always tells that the female Gnome is seldom seen above ground. Not that she's especially shy or anything, just that she is kept pretty busy with chores and offspring beneath ground. She wears pretty drab clothing, long skirts, braided hair and a red or green hat depending on her marital status. She has basic routines , and a pretty hectic schedule she follows. Other than that, her lifestyle sounded pretty awful, about as drab and unsocial as is her clothing.

Well wonder you never saw many of them in garden settings along with the males! But that's not how MY garden is gonna stay. NO SIR! I decided then and there to get to the bottom of this folklore and welcome ANY females of the species openly in mine!

Now being human of course I'm no expert in the field of female gnomes, but I did raise four girls and I can tell you they were far from drab and my life was anything but boring at any given I certainly sympathize with the routine bit when it comes to the work involved.

What I just did NOT understand was the TOTAL lack of social activity in their life. I'm not exactly a "women’s lib" kinda gal, I don't go out for all the rallies and hoof-rah of marching and all that, but I certainly wouldn't want to spend my entire life locked away in a windowless room with nothing but endless chores either! E-gads what a life that would be!!

You see it's the male Gnome that seems to have the freedom to roam the gardens of the world.
Drinking up all the sunshine he can, smelling all the wondrous fragrances, knowing what it feels like to watch a blossom open before your eyes, ..the sheer pleasure of a blue sky in summer, the coolness of a spring rain, ..this he knows and loves as well as we humans do. But what about his wife? or Mother? or sister or even his daughter? Do they know what it feels like to experience the gifts of Mother Nature? Are they "really" content to settle for a quick description from him at the end of a long day?

Perhaps in many gardens around the world the female gnomes are still clutching to every single word uttered to them about the beauty that abounds above ground. Waiting for a visual on what that world is really like, or what it feels like to have a choice about their hair, or their clothing, ..or "gasp" a social life.

At any rate I really can't say what the females in your neck of the woods are like,... but where I come from, the females have been somewhat liberated!
It's high time they were allowed aboveground with the rest of the species! No more damp dark tunnels. NO MORE DRAB DARK SKIRTS OR LONG BRAIDED PIGTAILS...but a world full of sights and smells and color to bask in!

Truly, I know this for a fact, and can within reason even offer some proof. You just might have to bare with me a little now and then as I may repeat myself at times. ( Getting older seems to do that occassionly. )

so please, indulge me if you will...


Gnutty said...

Actually, lady gnomes are on the rise and breaking from tradition. Read more here.

Cam said...

Exactly! That's what I've been telling you! They are on the rise..finally!