Friday, January 23, 2009

The Garden of Dreams however was something fairly new to me as I had only been allowed entry therein for a short period. Each visit allowed for new and wondrous insights and knowledge about the kingdom as a whole. Although we had been friends for many years, the King ( whom, with his permission, I may call Wol for short ) had been very cautious about allowing a human into his special sanctuary.
Seriously, most humans could stroll through the obvious garden and never realize the Garden of Dreams was but a blink away. You definitely had to have some pretty powerful friends to be allowed on the other side of the blink. I considered myself quite fortunate to be one of them.

Now the doors into the garden were a mystery to me at this point, and here's Grayston telling me there were others?? I had seen many old knots and holes around the trunks of the mighty oaks, but only my imagination told me they were doorways. As far as an actual working door? I had only seen one so far and it was a simple stone slab resting against a smaller oak. No carvings, no names, no nothing. Heck, I hadn't even realized it was a door until I tried to move it....YIKES! was that a shocking wake-up call! But I won't go into detail on that right now. Perhaps a story for another day there.

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